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6 May 2021, 00:26 died at Level 232 by Moltres.
6 May 2021, 00:12 died at Level 231 by Moltres.
4 May 2021, 21:00 died at Level 225 by Alola Raticate.
4 May 2021, 10:37 died at Level 221 by Raticate.
4 May 2021, 07:50 died at Level 217 by Alola Rattata.

Level Tournament Catch Fishing Dex
231 0 29 30 39/1451

Brock - Ginasio Pewter city - Insígnia de Rocha.
Misty - Ginasio Cerulean City - Insígnia de Cascata.
Lt. Surge - Ginasio Vermilion City - Insígnia do Trovão.
Sabrina - Ginasio Saffron City - Insígnia de Pântano.
Erika - Ginasio Celadon City - Insígnia de Arco - Íris.
Koga - Ginasio Fuchsia City - Insígnia de Alma.
Blaine - Ginasio Cinnabar Island - Insígnia do Vulcão.
Giovanni - Ginasio Viridian city - Insígnia de Terra.
Falkner - Ginasio Castelia city - Insígnia Zephyr.
Bugsy - Ginasio Singer city - Insígnia da Colméia.
Whitney - Ginasio Pallet city - Insígnia da Planície.
Morty - Ginasio Lavender city - Insígnia da Névoa
Jasmine - Ginasio Larosse city - Insígnia Mineral.
Chuck - Ginasio Singer city - Insígnia da Tempestade.
Pryce - Ginasio Snow city - Insígnia Glacial.
Clair - Ginasio Castelia city - Insígnia da Nascente.
Roxanne - Ginasio Canavale city - Insígnia da Pedra.
Brawly - Ginasio Smashville city - Insígnia da Articulação.
Wattson - Ginasio Smashville city - Insígnia Dínamo.
Flannery - Ginasio Larosse city - Insígnia do Calor.
Norman - Ginasio Orre city - Insígnia do Equilíbrio.
Winona - Ginasio Canavale city - Insígnia da Pena.
Tate & Liza - Ginasio Orre city - Insígnia da Mente.
Juan - Ginasio Canavale city - Insígnia da Chuva.
Lorelei - Elite Four
Bruno - Elite Four
Agatha - Elite Four
Lance - Elite Four


Quest Name
First Pokemon Quest
CP Gloom Quest
First Stone Quest
(VIP) Water Stone Quest
Punch Stone Quest
(VIP) Ice Stone Quest
Boost Stone Quest
(VIP) Darkness Stone Quest
Thousand Dollars Quest
(VIP) Earth Stone Quest
Darkness Stone Quest
(VIP) Two Darkness Stone Quest
Rock Stone Quest
(VIP) Five Leaf Stone Quest
Venom Stone Quest
(VIP) Shiny Stone Quest
Earth Stone Quest
(VIP) Two Fire Stone Quest
Heart Stone Quest
(VIP) Two Leaf Stone Quest
Leaf Stone Quest
(VIP) Heart Stone Quest
Two Darkness Stone Quest
(VIP) Three Leaf Stone Quest
Enigma Stone Quest
(VIP) Three Darkness Stone Quest
Thunder Stone Quest
(VIP) Cocoon Stone Quest
Two Thunder Stone Quest
(VIP) Rock Stone Quest
Water Stone Quest
(VIP) Four Leaf Stone Quest
Ice Stone Quest
(VIP) Three Fire Stone Quest
Two Rock Stone Quest
(VIP) Four Fire Stone Quest
Mergulhador Quest
(VIP) Two Cocoon Stone Quest
Esquiador Quest
Two Enigma Stone Quest
(VIP) Thunder Stone Quest
Five Fire Stone Quest
(VIP) Four Darkness Stone Quest
(VIP) Two Earth Stone Quest
Fire Addon Box Quest
(VIP) Crystal Stone Quest
Leaf Addon Box Quest
(VIP) Boost Stone Quest
Water Addon Box Quest
(VIP) Mewtwo Outfit Quest
Regice Spirit Quest
Regirock Spirit Quest
Registeel Spirit Quest
Ancient Stone Quest
Mew Outfit Quest
Beldum Quest
Feebas Quest
Entei Quest
Raikou Quest
Articuno Quest
Darkrai Quest
Shiny Gengar Quest
Giratina Money
(VIP) Dark Outfit Quest
Black Stone Quest
(VIP) Heatran Quest
(VIP) Lugia Quest
(VIP) Shaymin Quest
Zapdos Quest
Shiny and Boost Quest
Regigigas Money Quest
(VIP) Shiny and Boost Quest
Shiny Alakazam Quest
Jeff Acess Quest
(VIP) Deoxys Outfit Quest
Shiny Box Quest
Dialga Quest
Palkia Quest
(VIP) Cresselia Quest
MVP Dogs Quest
MVP Birds Quest
MVP Mew Quest
MVP Mewtwo Quest
MVP Darkrai Quest
(VIP) Aqua Quest
Aqua Quest
Ho-oh Quest
(Paralela) First Stone Quest
(Paralela) Dark Quest
Black Stage Quest
MVP Kyogre Quest
Seven Darkness Stone Quest
Two Punch Stone Quest
Three Heart Stone Quest
Three Enigma Stone Quest
Three Cocoon Stone Quest
Six Fire Stone Quest
Four Rock Stone Quest
Two Venom Stone Quest
Three Venom Stone Quest
Six Leaf Stone Quest
Latias and Latios Quest
Rocket Quest
Four Enigma Stone Quest
Three Water Stone Quest
Seventh Leaf Stone Quest
Octave Darkness Stone Quest
Three Ice Stone Quest
Ninth Darkness Stone Quest
Octave Leaf Stone Quest
Seventh Fire Stone Quest
Three Punch Stone Quest
Five Cocoon Stone Quest
Rock and Fire Stone Quest
Bug and Dark Stone Quest
Four Thunder Stone Quest
Victini Quest
Two Black Stage Quest
(Paralela) Swampert Quest
(Paralela) Sceptile Quest
(Paralela) Blaziken Quest
Terrakion Quest
Virizion Quest
MVP Regis Quest
(VIP) MVP Regis Quest
Kyogre Quest
Groudon Quest
Rayquaza Quest
(Paralela) Elemental Quest
Cobalion Quest
Keldeo Quest
(Paralela) Thunder Quest
Zekrom Quest
(VIP) MVP Regigigas Quest
MVP Regigigas Quest
(Paralela) Glacial Quest
Meloetta Quest
(VIP) Meloetta Quest
Genesect Quest
(Paralela) Bug Quest
(Paralela) Heal Quest
(Paralela) Secret H.B Quest
(VIP) MVP Giratina Quest
Jirachi Quest
999 Reshiram Quest
MVP Lugia Quest
(Paralela) Flying
Diancie Quest
Tapu Koko Quest
Kyurem Quest
Tapu Fini Quest
Volcanion Quest
(Paralela) Electric Quest
Tapu Bulu Quest