Ø Introduction

Welcome to the Pokemon Online!
Note that the Pokemon Online is the result of an independent company, with free use and profit.
Our goal is the dissemination of anime and manga for all people respecting the copyrights and trademarks of the author.
All images, logos, names for the anime cited belong to the brand owners.
Nobody is forced to play the Pokemon Online.
If you do not agree with these rules, do not play and do not make donations.
The rules exist to better organization of the game and that there is mutual respect between players.

Ø considerations and general rules:

The Pokemon Online team, gamemasters, tutors and employees try in every way to organize the game, but it is impossible to control all messages, problems, etc.
We do not guarantee the functionality of the system and not even guarantee that there will be no loss for the player.
Whenever notice system instability, keep your items in a safe place so there is no unrecoverable losses.
The rules of the game may be changed without notice, you should check them whenever possible.
Always use "strong" password (with letters, dots and random numbers and interleaved), also use a good anti-virus.
The staff does its best to avoid and suspends suspicious accounts, but cases of "Hacks" are not guaranteed by the team under any circumstances.
Never click on external links.
Beware sites "Fake".
All the news will only be posted on the website and https://www.facebook.com/pokemiw.
The Online Pokemon, for security reasons, records the IP players, command logs and lines (all keystrokes are recorded).
The accounts and logs are property of Pokemon Online.
Depending on the severity of the violation of the rules or when such act is considered a crime by the Criminal Code the account may be suspended permanently.
For support via e-mail "https://www.facebook.com/L.Kbps" always send the name CHAR.
In the fall hypothesis system or excessive lags by attacks on network / server, it is unfortunately not possible to recover CATCH and / or lost Items since the system also loses these logs.
From the second severe punishment (ban bot, offense or abuse bug) the account may be immediately deleted.
When identified using bots or similar programs the account may be immediately deleted.

If you encounter any problems or have any questions, look for a tutor, gamemaster or administration of the game by sending email to https://www.facebook.com/L.Kbps.

Ø Terms and Online Pokemon rules for the game.

Please read all the topics below, as you may receive unnecessary punishment for ignoring the rules.
To maintain the good order of the game, you must follow specific rules that will list below.
However, we ask that above any rule, use common sense when using the game.
try professionally solve the problems, but we can not always please everyone.
Therefore, reading and compliance with the rules below are of paramount importance. < br>

Chapter 1 general behavior.
(General rules governing the attitudes of players)
Art. .. 1st Only constructive criticism is allowed, destructive criticism may result in a ban of the game
unsportsmanlike attitudes aiming to disrupt another player can be punished (eg, soiling the house).
it is also passive banishing who use any means to disrupt the players.
Destructive Behavior
Art. 1.b. Offenses the staff members are not allowed, as well as libel and slander, regardless of who it refers, may result in a ban from the game.
Report this type of infraction opening a report if proven the offense the player will be punished.
player sending offensive messages to another player in PVT (private) should be ignored.
is also considered slander the player that reports of bad faith a player for an offense not committed.
Offensive Statement
Art. 1.c. personal discussions must be made by private message, you may not discuss in public channels, this may result in a ban from the game.
Offensive Statement / Destructive Behavior
Art. 1.d. is not allowed players to behave or go to influence Tutors, Gamemasters or team members and who do not have that authority, may result in a ban from the game.
Art. 1 and. is not allowed to discuss about the decisions taken by the team in public, if you want to complain about the attitude taken by a member of the team as much as Tutor or Gamemaster should be done by email.
Destructive Behavior / Contempt Authority

Art. 1.f. Players who accuse the game as well as its creators, creators, employees, players, etc in other services such as Forums, Blogs, personal pages, among others, when identified may be punished.
Offensive Statement
Art. 1.g. Players create characters with name similar to Tutors, Gamemaster and team members will be banned, it is considered Falsehood Ideological and is a crime.
Art. 1.H. Abusing game's weaknesses as well as bugs is considered illegal, if you find any bug report immediately to any Gamemaster opening a report (Ctrl R).
Player to take advantage of bugs will be punished and who know of someone abusing and keep secret, can also be punished.
Game Weakness Abuse / Bug Abuse
Art. 1.i. to sell, exchange, buy another player using the game as a means of sale is not permitted, as well as trade items and features of this game to another game and sales, trading and purchasing items and resources game for real money.
player who violates these rules when identified will be punished.
Illegal Trade
Art. 1.j. The use of illegal programs, ie, which are unofficial and provided by the game is not allowed and may result in permanent ban from the game.
Illegal Software
Art. 1.k. It is forbidden to try and the act of stealing the account of another player, or by asking for the account and password, send fake links or any other attempt to get player account information.
Banishment definitive and account suspension.
Hacking / Unauthorized Link
Art 1.l. Prevent the passage of a player, causing him to be unable to access the desired site is illegal and can result in banishment from the game.
Art 1.m. It is forbidden to open reports without being destructive to report any player offense and bugs. Photo Other report types may be considered as False Report or Report destructive and can result in banishment from game.
False Report / Destructive Report
Art 1.n. Players who try to influence the position of the Gamemaster, say his friend, stating that know him for abuse of power and action in bad faith, may have the account permanently banned. < br> Pretending to Have Influence on Gamemaster.

Article 1. We are not responsible for theft, or theft if you lend some poke, change by mistake, catch service, or any other service where you depend on the trust of another player. < br> We are not responsible for errors of the players how to play any item on the floor by mistake and get another player.

Sole Paragraph.. The same penalty who post links to Hacker programs, Cracks, BOT or illegal material
In addition to your data being sent to the Police Authority

Art. 1.p. Because of the high costs to keep the game online, will have priority in supporting people who contribute to the game's development through donations.
If the amounts received by donation are insufficient to keep the servers online, they can be turned off.

Art. 1.q. The price of the items in NPCs, prizes, quests can be changed at any time without notice.
Excessive complaints regarding changes can lead to banishment and account deletion.

Art. 1.q.1. Accounts with Bans or involved in irregularities can be deleted.
The same will happen with accounts that take advantage of bugs and do not report to be withdrawn from the benefit arising from the bug.
If the account that violated the rules (it was banned or deleted) has done donation, in any event the amounts will be returned or refunded.

Art. 1.q.2. Violations of the privacy of players or team members will not be allowed.
All accounts involved in violation of this rule will be banned permanently and / or deleted in the game.
The offender may respond civilly and criminally so. < br>
Art. 1.q.3. When the report is related to bug the situation is passed on to the developer and placed in a correction list, there is no time to be solved (if it can be solved).
The maximum number of "Char" because 4 is more than so the account can be missed by bug.
Complaints are investigated in order of severity, will not answer punishment imposed on the offender.
Report contesting bAN will only answer if the ban is reviewed (removed), if the team decide that the BAN continues the report will not answer.
Report and email are not "chats".

Art. 1.q.4. Images to assist the report should be hosted on the Internet, the report shall contain a description of the situation and the image link.


KS (Killing Steal), ie, attack and defeat the poke another player is attacking.
Recalling that the player does not own the poke, everyone has the right to come to attack the pokes.
Invasion of Respawn, ie hunting in the same place where another player is hunting.
Recalling that the hunting grounds, respawns, islands are not the property of the players, any player has the right to hunt anywhere.
Lurer, attract wild poke close to where another player is trying to kill him, or hinder is not considered illegal, after the player has a chance to escape as well as defeating the poke.
Push without being to make the player Block.
The team never be responsible for private relations between players, loan, exchange items, etc.
The team never be responsible for items left in houses.

Chapter 2 Public channels.
(Rules governing the content of messages in public channels)
Art. 2nd. The exhibition of materials and pornographic websites, messages that hurt the Laws of the Nation (Drugs of any kind, alcohol, murder, suicide or inducement to him, robbery, theft, deception, embezzlement, trafficking, smuggling, apologia for Nazism, general prejudices, xenophobia, pedophilia, messages that incite to racial, religious or party is against homosexuals, women, blacks or any group, race or creed, etc.
) as well as information exposure personal is expressly prohibited.
It can result in a ban of the player.
Disregard the laws of the nation / Racism / Xenophobia / Prejudice / Apology to Nazism / Homophobia / Destructive Behavior
Art. 2b. Disclosure other unauthorized games and links are prohibited.
Can result in permanent ban and lose the account.
Unauthorized Link
Art. 2.c. Only provide information if you are sure and if is true, players who go wrong information may be punished.
Rumors should be flagged as such.
Unauthorized Messages at Public Channel
Art. 2.d. Sending SPAM can cause immediate punishment of those who sent them.
Are considered SPAM messages meaningless, the same or similar in a short time.
SPAM / Unauthorized Messages at Public Channel
Art. 2.e. When replying to any message to be clear, polite and avoid using slang.
Never underestimate the other only because he knows less.
If you think the question is very basic, which the questioner was not polite or that the question does not relate to the theme of the group, do not answer, save your time to answer messages which can help with something
also do not respond with "useless" expressions like. " give me! "" I do not know. Subject "," it was the same with me, but do not know what to do! ", etc.
Unauthorized Messages at Public Channel
Art. 2.f. It is forbidden to use public channels for ads aiming to sell something that is not related to the game.
Illegal Announcement

Chapter 3 Help Channel (Exclusive Rules Help Channel)
Art. 3rd. Shopping messages, sales, exchanges, level up, drops and other messages that are no doubt are prohibited in Help Channel.
Unauthorized Messages at Public Channel.

Art. 3.b. By submitting a question, be polite and try to include all the details that might be useful to anyone who is willing to help you with the problem.
Remember that other players do not play attend only the channel to answer your questions, but also to learn.
in addition to sending questions, always try to contribute something.
's most respected players and dearest are always those who help more.

Art. 3c. drops questions, rates, quests, players items prices should not be made to Help Channel, for this, use the Game-Chat.
Unauthorized Messages at Public Channel
Art. 3.d. the use of offensive words is forbidden (words) in the Help Channel Unauthorized Messages at Public Channel.

Chapter 4 Game-Chat
(Exclusive Game rules-Chat Channel)
Art. 4th. The Game-chat is intended only for questions, suggestions, complaints and conversations, purchase messages, sale and exchange are not allowed.
Unauthorized Messages at Public Channel

Chapter 5 Trade Channel
(Exclusive Rules Trade Channel)
Art. 5th. The Trade Channel is only for sales, exchanges, purchases ads for training teams for quests and changeovers.
Questions, questions, conversations and claims should not be made on that channel for so, use the Game-Chat.
Unauthorized Messages at Public Channel
Chapter 6 Positions and Functions
(Definition of the functions applicable to the positions)
Art. 6.a. Any criticism or complaint against the guardians or gamemasters should be made directly to staff by email (@ guardian Pokemon Online), who will take appropriate action.

Art. 6.b. Whenever it becomes necessary, administrators will take any drastic actions to maintain the smooth running of the game.

Art. 6.c. No tutor, gamemaster and even someone from the team is allowed to ask your game password.
Your password is personal and not the administration will ask her.

Art. 6.d. The tutor and (or) gamemasters may, within these principles, to punish the player, and later made responsible for, always reporting to the Directors of the game and keeping under your guard Screenshot saved chats and all the controversial actions taken for at least 30 days in order to justify their acts before the Administration.

Art. 6.e. No guardian or gamemaster may apply for other benefits by being tutor or gamemasters.
In the case of abuse please report such player to the administration of the game.

Chapter 7 Punishments
(Rules governing the application of penalties)
Art. 7.a. Any player who violates the rules will receive a notification that is recorded in the character information, can only be ascertained by Gamemasters and Administrators.

Art. 7.b. already having a recorded warning and the player committing the new offense, he will receive a second, the third warning he will be banned from the game.
After the period of banishment, the system will release it automatically .
If the player committing further offenses to be notified again and banned from the game for regular term, or longer every ban may in critical case be permanently banned (deleted).

Chapter 8 Privacy policy
Art. 8.b. As you go online in the game and browse our website, we will reap some information about your navigation, such as date of visit, IP address and browser type.
These data are important for the improvement of site features and statistical analysis.
the team has access to all lines and keystrokes.
the logs are accessed daily and are the property of Pokemon Online.

Art. 8.c. Being committed to the privacy of information collected from its users, the Pokemon Online treats confidentially and employs proper safety procedures, so that they are strictly used for the purpose for which they were collected .

Art. 8.d. ever Pokemon Online will sell, trade, rent or otherwise transfer to third parties private data of its users.
Thus, ensuring an ethical and transparent conduct of the integrity of the information of its members.

Art. 8.e. This Privacy Policy is invalid and inapplicable to the user who disrespect the most critical rules, can the Administration, if deemed necessary, disclose private data of the offending user.

Art. 8.F Modifications. The Pokemon Online reserves the right to change its privacy policy, should the need arise, but is committed to disclose any change in the same space, and inactivate it as long as necessary to carry out any maintenances.

Chapter 9 Inactivity in general.
(General rules governing the inactivity of the players)
Art. 1.a Account Inactivity or character for 3 months leads in delet immediately without notice.

Art. 1.b Character Inactivity (char) for more than 7 days entails the loss of the house, the items that are it will go to the Pokemon Center.

Chapter 10 Donations and surprises.
(General rules governing donations)
Art. 1.a By making a donation to the server you are contributing and agreeing to all the rules. That does not give you any special right to break rules.

Art. 1.b Every donation over $ 100 has the right to choose a surprise. For stolen donations the deadline to accumulate $ 100 is 24 hours.

Ø Names Rule

The names rule apply to chars, guilds and characters (including Animals / Pokes).

The names of characters who violate the rules will be changed unilaterally may occur exclusion of char and loss of all items.

Once notified, who does not change the name of your character within 24 hours, you may have your character deleted from your account and play.
is noteworthy that the maximum number of char per account is four more than this may be bug and loss account.

They are prohibited:
Offensive Name Names that revile are racists, has sexual content, drug-related or generic offenses.

Offensive Name:

Please make sure that your name does not offend other players.
Names that contain any type of insult as "Denis Bitch" or "Carlos the Idiot" will not be tolerated.

racist names: The Pokemon Online is an international game where people from various countries can play.
Course, racist names like "White Power," "White Men Eat Shit" or "Black Person" will never be tolerated.

names with sexual content: The Online Pokemon is a game that is gaining popularity among young people.
With this, we seek to leave any name that refers to sex or sexual orientation "Straight Man" or "Pornstar Fri" out of the game.
Names include body parts related to sex "Nipple", "breastfeeder" or "Penis" are not allowed.
Similarly, celebrity names connected somehow with sex are not desirable.
This includes eg artists pornographic, pimps and prostitutes.

Drug related names: Names that explicitly relate to drugs and other illegal substances "Weedsmoker" or "Junkie" are undesirable and will be blocked.
The same is true for names that refer to the use of alcohol "Drunk Baby" or "Alcohol Lover" That rule also prohibits the use of famous names of traffickers "Pablo Escobar" and "George Young."

Names molesting: names created only with the intent to harass other players "Wheelchair Macin" or "Fat" or to threaten others in real life "Beatyou Afterschool" and "Killyou Inrl" are illegal will be removed and may even lead to greater punishment.

Other cases: There are numerous other names that people may find offensive for a number of reasons.
For example, the name of body fluids and excreta are offensive "Snot Eater" and "Like Feces" as well as names of diseases or disabilities "Ashtma" and "Dean the Mongolist" or references to organized crime "Mafia Godfather" and "drug trafficking" famous people names for committing a serious crime or inhuman actions are also prohibited, as serial killers "Charles Manson" and "Ted Bundy" or dictators "Hitler" and "Benito Mussolini."

Names Malformed Names containing parts of sentences (except for guild names), bad formatting, or combinations of meaningless letters.

Names containing parts of sentences

Names that are phrases "Come to town" and "Dan Is Cool" are not allowed in Pokemon Online.
The same applies to incomplete sentences "kill the Witches" and "Lets Sing When" and also the names containing exclamations or greetings "Oh My God" and "Hello Man."

Names containing malformed words: Our creation of names already system forces some rules to avoid poorly formatted names.
For example, names must begin with capital letters, special characters and numbers are illegal, etc.
names that can be created even if illegal, due to bad formatting, include lack of spaces "Dinhothemaster" and "Ballsofglory" or misplaced spaces "Din Hothema Ster" and "Ballso Fglory."

Names that advertise brands, services or third-party products The names in Pokemon Online should not contain advertising for third parties, for example known product names worldwide "Humpfrey Smarties" and "Sandals Boy" or companies and brands "Nokia Kid" and "Ubisoft Hunter".
containing names the title of other online games also fit into this category.

Names that make content ad unrelated to the game The game is not a platform to announce changes involving content that has nothing to do with Pokemon Online.
Consequently, names that imply such exchanges are prohibited "Potions Seller" and "Trading Tentacruel."

Names advertising exchange for real money The names in Pokemon Online can not contain ads that imply the sale of game items for real money "Dollar for Pokes".
In general any name that announces changes involving real money are prohibited "VIP Seller".

inappropriate names, names that express political or religious views, or do not fit in the Pokemon Online fantasy environment.

Names that express religious or political views

The Pokemon Online is a game in which political views or religious should not matter.
For this reason are illegal names that refer to a specific religion "Buddhist Trainer", "Jewish the catcher," a person linked to one specific religion "Peter Vishnu", "Juan el Musulmanes" or a position that only exist in a religion "Pontiff Claude", "Esther the Rabbi."
also name to express political views "Democrat", "Roy Anarchist "or referring to the internationally known politicians (" Lord Barack Obama, "" Lady Rousseff ") are not allowed.

Name urging Violation of Rules Names advocating for, incite, announce or imply a violation of Pokemon Online rules.

Names advocating for or incite the violation of the rules:

Obviously, all names that make apology for violation of the rules "Lover of Ofenses" and "Wannabe Hacker" or incite their "Spam Maker" violation are illegal and may lead to additional punishment.

Names that advertise or imply a violation of the game rules:
Names which clearly imply the breach of the rules of the game "Sellmyacc", "Julie Anti Idle" will not only receive a namelock, but can also receive an additional punishment.
The same applies to names that obviously try to go through a official position "Admin of Blue," "God Pokemon".
A simple quote will be considered also illegal "Macrohater", "Spamshunter."